Our Manifesto


You’re a young professional moving mad to secure the bag. You want to live a fulfilling life, make the right moves, secure the life you deserve! But every once in a while, too often for comfort, you get tripped up- your mind starts racing, palms sweaty, knees knock, your body just won’t work right and you’re sure everyone can see it and feel it and there comes the spiral. It feels like it would never end, like it would come again and mess you up when you have something big you need to sort out.

Working and Anxious is for you! We realise this is not easy to talk about with just anyone. People think they get what anxiety is because they feel nervous or sad sometimes. They don’t understand how it can feel like your very body and mind is betraying you and doing things against your own will. We started this because we know it is hard to exist and push for your goal. 

We recognize there is a need to have people who get it, who can recognize what a great achievement you had by being able to speak up or finish a task. We get it that some days seem like they should be good, but things just aren’t working out so you start spiraling. We are here to provide support and a safe space for your stories- both on the good days and the bad.

We are glad to have you here. Welcome to our safe space!

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